About Us

The Forum of Bible Agencies International is an alliance of more than 25 leading international Bible Agencies and other missions organizations with a shared vision: “working together to maximize the worldwide access and impact of God’s Word."

Leadership & Organization

The leadership of the Forum of Bible Agencies - International comprises of:

The Board

The CEOs of full members make up the Board, meet once a year and are charged with the overall strategic direction of the Forum as well as fundamental governance decisions such as membership approval and dismissal and amendments to the By-Laws.

Board of Directors

The Executive Committee is charged with the governance matters of the Forum. Its current members are:

Chairman - Paul Richardson 
CEO, Bible League Canada

Vice Chairman - Danielle Welch
Executive Director, SGM Lifewords

Treasurer - Gregg Pruett 
President, Pioneer Bible Translators

Secretary - Gerhard Marx
CEO, Davar Partners International